Always waited, devastated
If you asked, I will have swam oceans,
for you
Focused on your text or how I dressed,
forgot the rest, like my life
or my youth

I was down for your desire
Now I’m gonna start my own fire
I was taken over, staying over
like a starved dog waiting

No more minutes, no more hours
I don't wanna waste more time
Keep your letters, keep your flowers
A world is waiting outside

A mystery, you got to me
you got me stuck and made me linger
for so long
But you had your tricks
and I admit I really miss your fingers
when you're gone

But I can start my own fire
'cause I control my own desire
I'm not pulling over, rolling over
like a starved dog waiting

CHORUS repeat

Release me, my love isn't blind
Seduce me, and I will find
Excuse me, I’m on my way
Adore me, it’s a brand new day