gets a new look!

As of today, gets a new look! And it's not only the look that has changed. Under "the hood", the technology has changed to allow us bring more interesting stuff to you in the future. We are now proudly running on Drupal, an open-source solution.

New video to City Lights

Also a new video is up on YouTube. An excellent video made by one of our fans. Enjoy!

Japanese YouTube-channel

For our fans in Japan we are happy to have a YouTube channel in japanese now.

City Lights attracts attention

Electronic Rumors about the new single
"City Lights, an awesome, hypnotic, synthetic urban hymn. An electronic ode to travelling through the city with more than a small nod to Kraftwerk’s own train journey." .

Side-Line Magazine (BE)
"This track is splendid".

A brand new song is out!

Daybehavior is back! After 7 years of waiting, the band today release their first new song, called City Lights. The song is available on both FREE streaming and FREE download.