The new single Silent Dawn hits radio stations worldwide!

The radiocampaign for Silent dawn has just started. The song is already played on several stations in the U.S., Germany, Argentina, Holland, Italy and Sweden. On a station in Chigaco, Silent Dawn is currently No.1 in the charts, voted by its listeners. 

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At the same time the single is still getting great reviews in the pressworld.

"Excellent, a sure hit!                                                        Chain D.L.K

"Already after the first verse we fall into dreaming"       Fahrplan-Schwartz,Germany

"Wonderfully emotional!"                                                 Re-Flexion,Germany

The press about Silent Dawn

The single Silent Dawn have received some great reviews in the press/blog world!

Here are some:


"Great song-Very evocative"                                      Half Gifts

"This band deserves attention!"                                 Musik-Report, Germany

"Outstanding!"                                                        BlackVector Magazine

"Silent Dawn can cast a spell on you"                          E&P, France

 "Minimalist electro-pop and fluffy dream-pop"              Schallgrenzen, Germany



Here is the full review in Blackvector Magazine.

Silent Dawn now in stores

Massive beats and breathy vocals is the sign of this electronic driven downtempo production. The new single Silent Dawn is released.


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The single also contains remixes by Parralox (AUS), Paramaterial (SWE) and Peoples Theatre (FRA). All of them well worth checking out!


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A new song released!

A brand new track "No More Minutes" has been released by German label Conzoom Records. It's a compilation cd-only in a strict limited edition. Daybehavior contributes with an exclusive extended version of No More Minutes.  

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New Video on YouTube

Our latest single "It's a Game" has now been visualized and is watchable on YouTube