Kyle Remixed by Daybehavior

US popact Kyle Brylin makes straight up pop with a banging dancebeat. He now releases the new single Committed, not only with an ElectroPop Remix by Daybehavior, also featuring Miss Paulinda Crescentini's tempting voice.

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10 out of 10 - New Reviews

Neuweltmusic Soundcheck
Release date: 11.11.2010 / self-released

10 out of 10

Following on from the recent release of their new-track at the time, the excellent, and somewhat Kraftwerk flavoured City Lights which acted as something of a sample of both the new material, and above all the forthcoming new-album from the band itself, and in doing so also causing something of a stir within the Synth Pop scene, this female-fronted Swedish Synth Pop trio now return with the release of a new three-track digital-single titled It’s A Game with the additional tracks featured on the single being remixes of the single itself, and at that, not just any remixes, as we are thankfully on this occasion spared the more Industrial or Dance inclined remixes that so many Synth Pop singles seem to get strangled with, but, here the remixes are done by fellow Synth Pop acts Marsheaux & Parralox on what is a strong, solid mid-paced single with a light and almost dreamy female vocal delivery on a track that neatly lifts for it’s chorus, while regarding the afore mentioned remixes, both acts thankfully retain the single itself in all it’s glory with Marsheaux adding a wonderful bouncy feel with the addition of some sharp analogue synths for an excellent, and least not perfect remix, while Parraloxx keep it somewhat more simple on their remix, while in doing so, also adding some fine synth sounds for what is another excellent, and above all perfect remix. This is one single that along with its remixes will no doubt easily please every Synthpopper. © DK

... by Danny King ...

01. It’s A Game
02. It’s A Game - Marsheaux Remix
03. It’s A Game - Parralox Remix

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Great words about "It's a Game"

The new single It's a Game got picked up by BBC Radio UK and a lot of other radiostations added it to playlist too.
We also get great response from all over the globe, just see below.....yes

"Daybehavior is without any doubt one of the best exponents of today's (Swedish) electropop."
Side-Line Magazine

"Solid first peak of upcoming material. Well done. 8 of 10!"
Brutal Resonance Magazine

It's a Game - Now in stores

The new single It's a Game is now available at iTunes, Amazon and all major digital stores. There's also two great remixes by Australian Parralox and the female synthpop-duo Marsheaux from Greece.

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