Hello! (UK edition)


Released in Mars -97. Tour de france is a cover of Kaftwerk. Leadvocals on Tour de France by Lena Karlsson couresy of Komeda. Cloon is the English version of Il Sogno found on the album :Adored. Recorded and mixed at Tonteknik Umeå. Engineered by Pelle Henriksson. The bonus track of Hello! the Trans European mix was produced and mixed at Graplur Studio. Produced by Daybehavior. All songs Written by C. Hammar/T. Arell/P.Crescentini. Except Tour de france, written by R. Hutter/F. Schneider/K.Bartos/Schmitt. Artwork by Paul Kuhlhorn.


1. Hello!
2. Hello! Trans European mix
3. Tour de France
4. Cloon